Power Sells Seychelles

Christen Corcoran

From backdoor channels to the Russian oligarchy, to a very trusting relationship with the Abu Dhabi crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed, to creating a confidant in Erik Prince--the Trump family has kept close company with some of the richest figures on the international playing field. (6/6/18)


Geography of Power

Ian Vanness

Whether you’re a recent college grad looking to relocate after graduation, a young professional searching for advancement opportunities, or a young couple starting a family: where we choose to live is a massive decision. Geography, housing in particular, plays a crucial role in how power is structured on the local level in America. (6/6/18)

We Still Read Beauvior

Christen Corcoran

Perspectives from the People

Bridge Team


In this edition of The Bridge, we will assert a view from the people. We’re going to focus on the conversations happening outside of the cable news anchor’s teleprompter.  (3/1/18)


My boss calls for me to come into her office. “Work in here for a bit,” she motions for me to sit on the other side of her desk piled high with papers and trinkets from her travels. “I want to talk to you about politics.”  (3/1/18)                                    

The Detriment of Distraction

Ian Vanness


Jake Tonkel


We are rarely the type to be forced into activism for our own protection, it is generally the result of a liberal education in women’s studies, international development or environmental policy.The issue is, not unlike those forced to fight, we adopt our cause based on what most closely reflects our individual identities and personal experiences, instead of how severe the problem is. What I would call, ego-progressivism.  (3/1/18)


One under-covered issue that holds enormous consequentiality, both domestically and abroad, is topsoil degradation. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations declared 2015 the International Year of Soils, yet not many people have heard about it, and even fewer are talking about it.  (3/1/18)                                                                             


Welcoming 2018

Bridge Team


2018 is here and The Bridge has returned. This year will prove to be an undoubtedly consequential one. In early May, we will have state and federal primary elections. Each side will provide voters a chance to see which direction they will go in the face of the Trump administration. (2/1/18)

Capitalism, Donald Trump’s

Presidency, and American Society

Christen Corcoran

Regaining Working-Class Trust

Ian Vanness


The Midwest deserves particular attention during the 2018 midterm elections. These states swung the 2016 presidential election, and also house the voters who voted for Obama and Trump.  (2/1/18)


For decades the US has been on the forefront in promoting capitalism and neoliberal policies. Both domestically and globally, the United States government advocates capitalism as the only path forward. (2/1/18)

An Infinity of Alternatives

Anooj Bhandari


David Foster Wallace, in his graduation speech to Kenyon College in 2005 titled This is Water, spoke on the importance of education is the freedom to choose.  (2/1/18)

Climate Change: The Left


Jake Tonkel & Christen Corcoran

When it comes to the topic of climate change, nearly everyone of the millennial left (and a lot of the right) seems to be on the same page.  (12/21/17)

Trying to Win at the GOP's Game

Jake Tonkel


Let me preface by saying I vastly prefer Jones to Moore. The GOP is arguably the most dangerous organization on the planet.  (2/1/18)


Climate Change: The Right


Kabir Moss

I can’t believe I am even writing this, I mean, there’s snow on ground for lord’s sake.  (12/21/17)


Taking the Table

Kabir Moss & Ian Vanness


America First is a catchy slogan, one that can remedy the feeling of dispossession by offering the illusion of being the priority. But how this mantra plays out, who it benefits, and who it leaves behind, provides a cautionary tale that we seem hellbent on repeating.  (12/21/17)                                                                            


Dr. Karadag


Christen Corcoran

Dr. Roy Karadag is a lecturer and the Executive Director of the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies in Bremen, Germany.  (5/10/17)


Kabir Moss


Just as we no longer debate the Earth’s shape, or how plants regenerate, or why it rains, we will not debate whether the climate is changing. We refuse to eat Exxon Mobile's doubt-sandwhich and we are not currently sponsored by BP.  (12/21/17)

Local Power


Jake Tonkel

On Jan. 24, I went to the San Jose City Council meeting to learn more about local government. Luck would have it that this just may have been the most interesting night the city council has seen in ten years.  (1/24/17)


The Bridge Project

We do not maintain a neutral stance. We desire honest, conscience-driven content that lifts the fog surrounding our public discourse. To insure that we are creating something to this end--a product that casts light, not shadows--we have come up with a short list to guide us through this process. The following are not merely rules for us individually but are benchmarks for the project collectively. 

1. Be critical of your own point of view.

2. Reflect on personal biases before, during and after.

3. Give respect to all opposing viewpoints.

4. Check your sources.

5. Tell the whole truth.