Climate Change: The Right

Kabir Moss

I can’t believe I am even writing this, I mean, there’s snow on ground for lord’s sake. But if you all insist on bringing up climate change, I’ll break it down for you illiterate folk.


The GOP are morons. The Dems are worse. Save me on any details otherwise. Dems are like: Climate Change is real we MUST ACT as they boat around in lakes of money from Exxon and BP and sign off on natural gas and coal, because you can’t act too extremely (wink wink, carbon tax). GOP is like: yeah, science doesn’t exist, as they beg for hurricane relief money for their home states and tout trickle-down-economics as though the theory has evidence based viability.

The truth is, none of it matters. Oil is still keeping us dependent on the most conflicted place on earth. Coal is out. Electric is in, and we should capitalize on it like we did on oil. Let’s face it, we are all individualistic greedy animals and because of that, we should encourage solar and wind. Not for any ridiculous moral obligation to the next generation, but because that’s where the money is heading. The GOP is propping up a dying industry and selling it for jobs. Yo! The new jobs are in GREEN, and I believe in the market over big government. These tribal chickens are holding on to the old energy chiefs of old, but the market doesn’t hold favorites, it follows the capital. At least it should, but we have a GOP purposely holding back an industry,picking winners and losers, like they are real free market foke. Phonies, the lot of them.

If the new jobs lead to less CO2 and less sea water rise and less damaging hurricanes and better air quality and cleaner water and less damage to the (liberal) coasts and more of Indonesia and less displaced people in the the future, then sure, that’s fine, we can live with that. But the real question is, are we going to be able to compete with China? Or Germany? We better set ourselves up for American economic power for generations, cause we are the best consumers in the world, and we need to be able to afford what the markets provide or else we will lose dollar's hegemony and the world is best when America is in power.

Global warming? Sn-who-w cares? Honestly. How can we stay competitive on the international stage? If we want our children to be able to buy anything, we need to pull the prop on an industry in hospice care and let it go ahead and die. There is a new generation of energy and we are holding it back, and it, we hold ourselves back.

P.S. Our normal contributor for this column was unable to write this month, and so Kabir took it upon himself to have some fun.

(Published December 21, 2017 - View Full Newsletter Here)