Kabir Moss

Hello friends and family of The Bridge. Today, much to the dismay of CNN, MSNBC, FOX or your local evening news, we want to talk about Climate. Just as we no longer debate the Earth’s shape, or how plants regenerate, or why it rains, we will not debate whether the climate is changing. We refuse to eat Exxon Mobile's doubt-sandwhich and we are not currently sponsored by BP. The climate is changing, we know this, we know why, and every minute wasted discussing the science, we take another bite of the Tillerson sandwich and we lose time to talk about what change is going to bring.


Climate change in America is often intangible, that is, until it becomes dangerously tangible. The fires of california, the flooding of Houston, the devastation in Puerto Rico or the earthquakes in Oklahoma. Up until a few months ago, the Pentagon's official line on Climate was that it was one of our greatest threats to national security. Regardless of the Commander in Chief’s orders to stop preparing for climate change, the armed forcescontinue to build its defenses only now it is for “extreme weather”, not climate change. Yes, our military is currently playing hide-the-bloody-synonym with a 70 year old child, a child, no less, who “loves the military.”

Please, Mr. President, we don’t need this much backing.

As with most things, the political class has taken the topic, warped it to meet their particular agendas, and in doing so, made it next to impossible to have a true conversation about how we will deal with the impending effects of climate on our society. Climate change is happening and it is going to disrupt what we take for granted, regardless of what the politicians say in the chambers of congress or Grandpa Ed’s regurgitations of Sean Hannity from his lazyboy. Those guys aren’t going to see the effects of a warming climate, so their opinion should matter about as much as a drop of rain does to the ocean. It’s up to our generation, the people who are bound to inherit an ever-warming world, to talk openly and honestly about how we can regulate, mediate and justly provide future generations with better options than we have inherited. The military is thinking about it, they are talking about it in terms of instability and vulnerability for our nation from the outside in, but how are we, as a society, going to talk and think about it from the inside out?

Ground RuleIs the climate changing, is no longer the beginning of this conversation. The conversation must now begin here: how are we going to insure that a changing climate will not further divide us, as a world, a society or as a generation?

(Published December 21, 2017 - View Full Newsletter Here)