Expanded Content

  This is the place for any expanded content, longer pieces, or less than on- topic commentary not published in the newsletter or on the front page. 

Interview with Dr. Roy Karadag from 5/10/2017

Dr. Roy Karadag is a lecturer and the Executive Director of the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies in Bremen, Germany. Read the interview here. 


Local Power: San Jose City Council Bans Vietnamese Flag- Jake Tonkel

On Jan. 24, I went to the San Jose City Council meeting to learn more about local government. Luck would have it that this just may have been the most interesting night the city council has seen in ten years. On the agenda was a measure to ban the Vietnam flag from all city owned flagpoles. READ MORE

The Bridge Project



We do not maintain a neutral stance. We desire honest, conscience-driven content that lifts the fog surrounding our public discourse. To insure that we are creating something to this end--a product that casts light, not shadows--we have come up with a short list to guide us through this process. The following are not merely rules for us individually but are benchmarks for the project collectively. 

1. Be critical of your own point of view.

2. Reflect on personal biases before, during and after.

3. Give respect to all opposing viewpoints.

4. Check your sources.

5. Tell the whole truth.